Instrument   Test  Drive

Interactivity and Exploration

Part of the Music Discovery Experience serving the School District of Lancaster and surrounding districts.

​Traveling Instrument Test Drives surround the Music Discovery performances and are presented throughout Lancaster County. These interactive sessions provide an opportunity for the students to “play” instruments they heard at the performances just days before.

Music educators also observe and guide their students to the instrument for which they are best suited. This preliminary exposure and contact with actual instruments help ensure a long-term positive musical experience for each student.

New School Year, New Opportunities

At the start of a new school year, the Symphony’s Gift of Music Instrument Loan program lends new and gently-used instruments to students who cannot afford to buy or rent one of their own. When borrowing an instrument, each child signs a contract promising to care for the instrument, practice regularly, and participate in their school’s band/orchestra.

The Symphony assumes maintenance and repair of all instruments. At the end of the school year, instruments are collected, repaired, and restocked making them ready for the coming school year! Students may borrow an instrument for as long as needed.

Elevate Your Teaching

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Hands-On Learning

Stimulating enthusiasm for music begins with interaction and discovery of the various instruments. This popular program gives children a unique opportunity to see, hear and touch a variety of instruments.

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