Gift of Music

Empowering Students

The Gift of Music Instrument loan program empowers students throughout Lancaster County to learn to play an instrument. The Gift of Music program collects, restores, and distributes band and orchestra instruments to music programs with students who cannot afford the cost of renting or purchasing an instrument of their own. We only lend instruments to school teachers, not individual families. If you would like your child’s school to contact us, please have their music teacher email us at

When borrowing an instrument, each child signs a contract promising to care for the instrument, practice regularly, and be in their school’s band/orchestra. The Symphony assumes maintenance and repair of all instruments.

If you are a music teacher and would like to request an instrument, please contact our Community and Audience Engagement Manager.

Melinda Myers
717-291-6440 ext. 303

Creating a Positive Effect

The symphony has an inventory of nearly 200 instruments available to lend to over 180 students in the School District of Lancaster and surrounding districts.

Instruments must be in good condition and free of mold. Your donation will be evaluated and refurbished before being lent to a student.

Studies have shown that music education has a positive effect on children’s emotional and intellectual growth, improves basic reading and math skills, and strengthens self esteem, self discipline, teamwork, and school attendance. Children involved in a music program are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college and are less likely to be involved in gangs, violence and substance abuse. Invest in our students today by contributing to this project!

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