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We’re quite proud of our extensive classroom resources, which are completely free to download and use! They have been used in classrooms and for home school use all over the world. Enjoy and let us know if you like them!

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Make learning fun for young musicians with a variety of puzzles, vocabulary and coloring exercises! These activities are appropriate for elementary age children.

This collection of worksheets is designed to give children in grades 5-7 a great introduction to the wide range instruments in the symphony family. These worksheets can be reproduced for classroom use.

These easy-to-use and understand tools help students learn the fundamentals of reading and understanding musical notation at any grade level.

This series of resources introduces middle and high school-age students to some of the strategies and tools necessary for effective rehearsal in an ensemble. Download and distribute these resources to get the most out of your rehearsals!

Periods of Music Timeline

Discover the various periods in musical history, along with some important milestones that have to define what we know about music.